Instructions to Authors

Applied Ecology and Environmental Research publishes original research papers and review articles (scientific publications). Researchers from all countries are invited to publish ecological, environmental, botanical, zoological or multidisciplinary agricultural research of international interest on its pages. There is no bias with regard to taxon or geographical area. Manuscripts (of scientific publications) should present new scientific findings that have not been published before and are not submitted for publication elsewhere.

Papers must be in English, but short abstracts in other language(s) may be added. All manuscripts are peer reviewed by at least two independent referees. Papers accepted for publication by the editorial board are subject to editorial revision.

Public agreement for publishing. 

  1. The authors declare that the submitted manuscript is their own work, which has not been published before and that they are not going to publish it anywhere else later.
  2. The authors take responsibility for the content of the publication. After submission authors from the original list cannot be removed in any case. Adding new authors or changing the order of authorship after submission is possible only if it is scientifically justified (by significant research contribution during the reviewing, upgrading and further development process of the manuscript), and requires permission of the Editor-in-Chief. First author, last author and corresponding author cannot be changed in any case. Author can only be a person who participated in the original scientific research. Any change in authors list must be requested in email by the corresponding author.
  3. It is the responsibility of the author to obtain written permission for reproducing illustrations or tables from other published material.
  4. The authors and the journal agree that the journal publish the reviewed and accepted manuscript after technical construction in electronic form.
  5. The authors and the journal agree not to lay any claim to financial demand, except in the case of conditional acceptance, when the author may bear the financial burdens of technical editing and publication or other expert service as an expertise fee.
  6. The authors can ask for amendment or errata related to the publication, which will be published in the subsequent edition of the journal or as an electronic appendix in maximum one page. Other additions or remarks to the article after publication will be judged by the Editorial Board.
  7. The authors will transfer copyright to the publisher of AEER. 
  8. This agreement for publication will become lawful on the authors’ side from submitting the manuscript, on the journal’s side from the announcement of the publication’s acceptance. In the case this procedure occurs through electronic channels, this agreement is valid without an additional signed copy. 
Reviewing process.

The full reviewing process is made up of the following parts:
  1. Pre-review (selection and classification)
  2. Linguistic, structural and scientific methodological review, plagiarism check (CrossCheck/iThenticate)
  3. Expert review
All submitted manuscripts are pre-reviewed within 1 months generally. During the pre-reviewing process they are classified into 5 categories, as follows:
Developed Countries  Developing Countries
Basic Priority EUR 900 EUR 850
Low Priority EUR 700  EUR 650
Medium Priority EUR 500 EUR 450
High Priority Free of charge Free of charge
Top Priority Free of charge and  the publisher pays honorarium of EUR 500 (official invoice is required).
                A discount is valid if at least one of the authors are from a developing country (countries outside the USA, Canada, European Union, Australia, New
                 Zealand, Japan or South Korea). In case of  Conference Special Issues the fee of publication is 850 EUR/accepted manuscript.  All indicated values are
                 net amounts, therefore in case of Hungarian  payers and EU payers with no EU VAT (value-added tax) number, a VAT of 27% will be added to the amount.
                 In all other cases VAT is 0%.

Confidentiality of the reviewing process.
All manuscripts are peer reviewed by at least two independent referees in a secret way. During the reviewing process the names of the authors and referees are treated with strict confidence, these are only known by the editor-in-chief, and the managing technical editor. The names of authors and referees are unknown by each other or any other member of the Editorial Board except for the acting editors. The names of referees are not revealed afterwards even in the case of acceptance or rejection. The public information service of submitted manuscripts are managed anonymously.

Submission of manuscripts.
To ensure rapid publication process, manuscripts should be submitted in final, "ready to publish" format (edited with the file based on the instructions, for detailed information please visit Preparation of Manuscipts) as an attached document (preferably *.doc format), e-mailed to: