"Tropical and Subtropical Ecology" Collection of AEER
a part of Thematic Collections of AEER


I. Tropical rain forests
II. Tropical semi-evergreen forest
III. Subtropical humid forests
IV. Tropical dry deciduous forest
V. Savannah
VI. Tiger bush vegetation
VII. Semiarid subtropics
VIII. Desert and desertification
IX. Ecology of High Mountains
X.Tropical and Subtropical Wetlands
XI. Ecology of marine ecosystems and freshwater habitats
XII. Conservation biological aspests
XIII. Tropical agriculture, horticulture, pasturage and forestry
XIV. General aspects

Tropical rain forests


KUMARATHUNGE, D.P. – THATTIL, R.O. – NISSANKA, S.P.: Evaluation of the plotless sampling method to estimate aboveground biomass and other stand parameters in tropical rain forests – 0904_425431

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TRIPATHI, P. – KHARE, P.K.: Occurrence of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in tropical forest communities of India – 1004_561571


Tropical semi-evergreen forest


LALFAKAWMA – U.K. SAHOO – S. ROY – K. VANLALHRIATPUIA – P.C. VANALALHLUNA: Community composition and tree population structure in undisturbed and disturbed tropical semi-evergreen forest stands of North-East India – 0704_303318


Subtropical humid forests


MISHRA, B.P. – JEEVA, S.: Plant diversity and community attributes of woody plants in two climax subtropical humid forests of Meghalaya, Northeast India – 1004_417436


Tropical dry deciduous forest


G. P. SHARMA – A.S. RAGHUBANSHI: Effect of Lantana camara L. cover on local depletion tree population in the Vindhyan tropical dry deciduous forest of India – 0501_109121

SHARMA, G.P. – RAGHUBANSHI, A.S.: Lantana camara L. invasion and impacts on herb layer diversity and soil properties in a dry deciduous forest of India – 0903_253264

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GEORGE O. K'OTUTO – DENNIS O. OTIENO – JOHN C. ONYANGO – HARUN O. OGINDO: Seasonal dynamics in carbon dioxide fluxes of the herbaceus layer of a moist Kenyan Savannah – 1201_063082


Tiger bush vegetation


MÜLLER, J.V.: Floristic and structural pattern and current distribution of tiger bush vegetation in Burkina Faso (West Africa) assessed by means of belt transects and spatial analysis – 1102_153171


Semiarid subtropics


CASTANO-MENESES,G. – MERCADO, I. – GARCIA-CALDERÓN,N. – PALACIOS-VARGAS, J.G.: Correlation between Arthropods and physical and chemical characteristics of water and soil retained in Tillandsia violacea (Bromeliaceae) in an Abies-Quercus forest in Central Mexico – 1201_179192



Desert and desertification


SINGH, G. – RATHOD, T.R.: Resource use and crop productivity in a Colophospermum mopane tree based agro-ecosystem in Indian Desert – 1004_503519

L. SALVATI – M. ZITTI – T. CECCARELLI: Integrating economic and environmental indicators in the assessment of desertification risk: a case study – 0601_129138

SALVATI, L. – MANCINO, G. – DE ZULIANI, E. – SATERIANO, A. – ZITTI, M. – FERRARA, A.: An expert system to evaluate environmental sensitivity: A local – scale approach to desertification risk – 1104_611625

R.K. GOTHWAL − V.K. NIGAM − M.K. MOHAN − D. SASMAL − P. GHOSH:  Screening of nitrogen fixers from rhizospheric bacterial isolates associated with important desert plants – 0602_101109


Ecology of High Mountains


P. BALOGH − V. GERGÓCS − E. FARKAS − P. FARKAS − M. KOCSIS − L. HUFNAGEL: Oribatid assemblies of tropical high mountains on some points of the „Gondwana-bridge” – a case study – 0603_127158

KHARKWAL, G., MEHRORTA, P., RAWAT, Y.S., PANGTEY, Y.P.S.: Comparative study of herb layer diversity in pine forest stands at different altitudes of Central Himalaya – 03015024

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PANDEY – LOK MAN S. PALNI: The rhizosphere effect in trees of the Indian Central Himalaya with special reference to altitude –  0501_093102

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Y.H. GAO − P. LUO − N. WU − H. CHEN − G.X. WANG: Impacts of grazing intensity on nitrogen pools and nitrogen cycle in an alpine meadow on the eastern Tibetan Plateau -0603_069079


Tropical and Subtropical Wetlands


MACHADO, N.G. – SANCHES, L. – SILVA, L.B. – NOVAIS, J.W.Z. – AQUINO, A.M. – BIUDES, M.S. – PINTO-JUNIOR, O.B. – NOGUEIRA, J.S..: Soil nutrients and vegetation structure in a Neotropical seasonal wetland – 1302_289305

DUBE, T. – CHITIGA, M.: Human impacts on macrophyte diversity, water quality and some soil properties in wetlands of Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe 0901_085099

BORCHARD, P.: Using camera – trap data to model habitat use by wombats and cattle in Australian riparian ecosystems – 1101_021033


 Ecology of Marine Ecosystems and Freshwater Habitats


BU-OLAYAN, A.H., THOMAS, B.V. :  Validating species diversity of benthic organisms to trace metal pollution in Kuwait Bay, off the Arabian Gulf – 0302_093100

ARUN, A.U.: Impact of artificial structures on biodiversity of estuaries: A case study from Cochin estuary with emphasis on clam beds – 0401_099110

O. OLARINMOYE – V. TAIWO – E. CLARKE – C. KUMOLU-JOHNSON – O. ADERINOLA – F. ADEKUNBI:  Hepatic pathologies in the brackish water catfish (Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus) from contaminated locations of the Lagos lagoon complex – 0703_277286

D.P. THORNTON: Macroinvertebrate stream drift – an Australian example – 0601_049055

G. REJOMON – K.K. BALACHANDRAN – M. NAIR – T. JOSEPH: Trace metal concentration in marine zooplankton from the western Bay of Bengal – 0601_107116

M. TAVASSI − S. BARINOVA, E. NEVO: Examination of water quality from the Yarqon river (central Israel) using the glass slide method to define algal vegetative activity (in vitro) – 0603_113125

H. IBIGONI CLINTON – G. UGWEMORUBONG UJAGWUNG (Snr.) – M. HORSFALL (Jnr.): Evaluation of total hydrocarbon levels in some aquatic media in an oil polluted mangrove wetland in the Niger Delta – 0702_111120

H.VALAVI – A. SAVARI – V. YAVARI – P. KOCHANIAN – A. SAFAHIEH – O. SEDIGHI SAVADKUHI: Coral reef anthropogenic impact bio-indicators in the Northen part of the Persian Gulf – 0703_215227

J.I. NIRMAL KUMAR – B. GEORGE – R.N. KUMAR – P.R. SAJISH – S. VIYOL: Assessment of spatial and temporal fluctuations in water quality of a tropical permanent estuarine system – Tapi, West Coast India – 0703_267276

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M. MAHADEVASWAMY – S.M. YAMAKANAMARDI – T.S. HARSHA: Bacterial (free living and particle bound) cell-size in the surface waters of river Cauvery and its upstream tributaries in Karnataka state, India – 0601_029047


Conservation ecological aspests


R.K. MISHRA − V.P. UPADHYAY − R.C. MOHANTY: Vegetation ecology of the Similipal Biosphere Reserve, Orissa, India – 0602_089099

SINGH, A. – SAMANT, S.S.: Conservation prioritization of habitats and forest communities in the Lahaul Valley of proposed cold desert biosphere reserve, North Western Himalaya, India – 0802_101117

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J.W. KIRINGE – M.M. OKELLO: Threats and their relative severity to wildlife protected areas of Kenya – 0502_049062

S. PANT – S.S. SAMANT: Assessment of plant diversity and priorization of communities for conversation in Mornaula Reserve Forest 0502_123138


Tropical agriculture, horticulture, pasturage and forestry


MUOGHALU, J. I., CHUBA, D. K.: Seed germination and reproductive strategies of Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) Gray and Tithonia rotundifolia (P.M.) Blake – 0301_039046

Y.H. GAO − P. LUO − N. WU − H. CHEN − G.X. WANG: Impacts of grazing intensity on nitrogen pools and nitrogen cycle in an alpine meadow on the eastern Tibetan Plateau -0603_069079

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YUDHISTRA KUMAR, A. – VIKRAM REDDY, M.: Effects of municipal sewage on the growth performance of Casuarina equisitifolia (Forst. & Forst.) on sandy soil of East coast at Kalpakkam (Tamil Nadu, India) – 0801_077085

MALIK, A.R. – SHAMET, G.S. – BUTOLA, J.S.: Natural regeneration status of Chilgoza pine (Pinus gerardiana Wall.) in Himachal Pradesh, India: an endangered pine of high edible value – 1003_365373

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EGBE, E.A. – TABOT, P.T: Carbon sequestration in eight woody non-timber forest species and their economic potentials in Southwestern Cameroon – 0904_369385

OLUGBEMI, B.O.: Termite assemblages and decomposition of tissue paper baits along a gradient of land use intensification in Owena, Southwest Nigeria – 1102_223235


General aspects


Á. DRÉGELYI-KISS − G. DRÉGELYI-KISS − L. HUFNAGEL: Ecosystems as climate controllers - biotic feedbacks – 0602_111134

HUFNAGEL, L. – GARAMVÖLGYI, Á.: Impacts of climate change on vegetation distribution No.2 – Climate change induced vegetation shifts in the New World – 1202_355422

SOKA, G. – RITCHIE, M.: Arbuscular mychorrizal symbiosis, ecosystem processes and environmental changes in tropical soils – 1301_229245